No Sweat: Lazy Girl Fitness is a content initiative dedicated to all the women who’d rather work out from their (way-too-tiny) apartments or office chairs than take a 6 a.m. spin class. It’s for the women who want to find an exercise routine that doesn’t feel like a chore; for the women who don’t want to blow a huge portion of their paycheck on dizzyingly expensive work-out fads; for the women who wear yoga pants but have never actually done yoga. No Sweat: Lazy Girl Fitness will focus on easy-to-do workouts, no-sweat exercise routines, athleisure, and lazy ways to feel good about yourself, all while staying super body positive and non-pushy. 

We’re looking for pitches with a little bit of humor, but also some serviceable information. Think exercises you can do from your couch while watching Netflix or imperceptible stretches you can do from your desk. It’s should be accessible fitness goals for girls who aren’t into fitness and should include some experts, as well as photos.

Please submit a headline and angle for the piece, along with links to any published writing samples. Your pitch should be well-developed and full drafts will be requested before a pitch is accepted.
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